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Why do people use the bible as an excuse to be homophobic? Look at all the things the bible forbids.  

Just to point this out

he looks really sad about the no football one

you’re not allowed to poop either, technically

Okay, a lot of people get mixed up on this. What he is quoting is Levitical Law, which is what Jesus came to fulfill and annul. Y’see, no one could be saved via Levitical Law, as even God knew that people weren’t perfect. (Its stated in one of the letters to the churches in the new testament that one shouldn’t think they were better than the other for following levitical law, as “it does not lead to salvation”)
Also, a lot of what Levitical Law consists of is HEALTH REGULATIONS. Pork is a very unhealthy meat, and can spoil/rot very quickly. Bacon is the devil of all meats, and yet is so delicious. Lobster is a bottom feeder, and therefore a more toxic meat. Women on periods were dripping blood, one of the most apt places for germs to grow. Blood is classified as hazardous waste for a reason. No football on Sundays was because of a Law-enforced day off for everyone, and even in the new testament Jesus would call out Pharisees for taking that law too far (“If a man’s son fell in a well, would you not pull him out?” etc etc). In Christianity, we believe that Jesus came as a fulfillment of the law, that is to say he paid the penance for everyone to get into heaven. That means that he fulfilled all aspects of Levitical law, and paid everyone’s entry fee with it.

Now, in regards to levitical law as it applies to current living: its stated pretty clearly in the new testament that following Levitical law doesn’t make you better than your neighbor. It was a big point of discussion between Jewish converts and gentile (non-jewish folk) converts. After Jesus came, the Levitical law was fulfilled and annulled. If you study the bible, it’ll show that loving your neighbor as yourself, and the general principles of the law regarding loving God and loving your neighbor, were the true intent of the law, and what should carry over.

So in regards to levitical law, a lot of homophobes haven’t studied their new testament well enough, I should say. In regards to current levitical practices, its a very healthy way of living, and to this day the most scientifically backed healthy diet.

Thank you for your time.





the biggest disappointment in life is when good shows have a bad episode like i waited a week and u give me this shit 

the biggest disappointment in life is when good shows have a bad season like i waited two years and u give me this shit

The biggest disappointment in life is when good shows give you a bad finale like I waited nine years and u give me this shit

I love how I have a vague idea what shows they are talking about

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